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Accessories basket the specific use of a range of issues we

Our company is a professional manufacturer of electric basket accessories company, our products are to undergo some rigorous testing, the quality is guaranteed, so you can use them more at ease. So when in use, we have to pay attention to some problems with our application more convenient.
Its selection time basis, you must select the appropriate size, and construction form a reasonable match. Training of personnel is the key operating personnel rigorous training, so that qualified posts, not in order to avoid emergency treatment when the accident occurred. Check the safety rope equipped, so Wan different losses. Regular maintenance of the equipment, if failure to promptly resolve. When we operate, there will be some special cases, such as: the construction of a sudden power failure, immediately turn on the power switch electrical box. Cut off power to prevent accidental sudden when you call. Electric basket off parts ascertain the reasons to decide whether to return to the ground. If after a short power outage, an incoming call to be informed on the power switch, and then start working normally after inspection. If the length of the room because of power failure or malfunction of the device power, should be manually lowered to the ground to make slip stable platform. When it is confirmed manually toboggan device failure, should contact with people outside the basket, after taking appropriate safety measures have been evacuated by high operating basket near a window. In the course of the lifting platform does not stop after you release the button: rising or falling height operation buttons are inching button, under normal circumstances, hold the up or down button, suspended platform up or run down, then release the button to stop run. When you release the button, but you can not stop the platform is running, immediately press the red emergency stop button on the electrical box or button box, or immediately turn on the power switch, turn off the power to make suspension platform emergency stop. Then to manually make the suspension platform toboggan a smooth landing. Electric basket fittings need professional maintenance staff in the ground after the exclusion of an electrical malfunction, and then the job.