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Basket and lift the pre-construction which points to audit

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Basket and lift the pre-construction which points to audit
1, loading and removal operations basket height preparation of special construction program, the basket support suspension mechanism is designed to calculate, special construction program after approval before implementation.
2, hanging baskets installed, according to the regulatory requirements for acceptance, acceptance form signed by the responsible person confirmed.
3, before classes, after classes for the basket to be checked.
4, hanging baskets installed before use and removal of operating personnel security technology correspondent, and there are written records.
5, install the anti-fall basket safety lock, and sensitive and effective; anti-fall safety lock should not exceed the calibration period.
6, the basket should be set to the worker hanged special belt safety rope and safety lock, safety rope fixed position in building reliable, can not be connected to any part of the basket on.
7, the basket should be installed upper limit means, and shall ensure that the limit means sensitive and reliable.
8. basket platform surrounding protective railing, block feet set to meet the requirements; gondola up and down to set the top of the protective plate interchange operations.
9, the front suspension mechanism bracket can not be supported on a non-load-bearing structure and building cornice outside the parapet edge and so on.
10, with weights fixed reliability, weight meet the design requirements; prohibited the use of damaged weights or other alternatives.
11. The suspension mechanism should be installed under the guidance of professional staff.
12, the wire rope should be kept off, broken stocks, shares of pine, rust, hard bend.
13, safety rope should be set separately, model specifications should be consistent with the work of the rope.
14, deal with the rope to take protective measures when welding work.
15, the lift must be trained and qualified personnel to operate the basket.
16, workers in the basket should not exceed 2 people, ground operations personnel should be out of the basket.
17, prohibiting the basket as vertical transportation equipment.
18, basket work is prohibited beyond the design loads.
Construction lifts
1, should be installed from the weight limiter, sensitive and reliable.
2, install anti-fall safety device progressive and sensitive, reliable, valid calibration period.
3, the counterweight rope should install anti Songsheng devices and sensitive and reliable.
4, the control device should be installed cage non-automatic reset type emergency stop switch, can be cut off at any time to stop the control circuit cage operation.
5, the undercarriage should be installed cage and a counterweight buffer, the buffer should comply with regulatory requirements.
6, the construction of the lift should be installed above the hook.
7, install non-automatic reset type limit switch and sensitive and reliable.
8, install automatic reset type, lower limit switch and sensitive and reliable, the lower limit switch installation locations should comply with regulatory requirements.
9, the Security overtravel limit switch and limit switch should be not less than 0.15m.
10, limit switches, limit switches should be set to trigger an independent element.
11, hanging cage door electromechanical interlock device should be installed and sensitive and reliable.
12, cage roof window should install electrical safety switch and sensitive and reliable.
13, the lift cage and a counterweight installation height should be around channel ground guard rail, guard rail, the intensity should be consistent with regulatory requirements, fence gates should be installed electromechanical interlock device and should be sensitive and reliable.
14, the ground of access sheds erection shall comply with regulatory requirements.
15, both sides of the platform should stop layer set protective railings, block feet, platform scaffold boards should be covered, paved.
16, floor door installation height, strength should be consistent with regulatory requirements, and should be finalized.
17, attached to the wall frame supporting standard products should be used when attached to the wall holder does not meet the requirements of the construction site, the response attached to the wall frame to be designed, with a wall rack should be designed to meet the member stiffness, strength, stability, etc., shall meet the design production Claim.
18, attached to the wall frame and the building structure connection, the angle should meet product specification requirements.
19, attached to the wall frame spacing, the highest point of attachment free height above rail brackets shall conform to the product specification requirements.
20, heavy steel cord to the number of not less than two and should be independent of each other.
21, rope wear, deformation, corrosion in the specification should be within the allowable range.
22, wire rope specifications should be fixed in line with the product description and specifications.
23, rope pulley should be installed anti-off device and shall comply with regulatory requirements.
24, heavy weight, the product shall comply with the specification requirements.
25, except for heavy guide wheel, the shoe should be outside with anti-derailment protection device.
26, installation and removal unit should have the lifting equipment installation engineering contractor qualifications and safety production license.
27, installation and removal of special construction program should be developed, and after review and approval.
28, should perform installation inspection procedures, inspection forms should be responsible to confirm the signing.
29, installation, demolition workers and drivers should certificates.
30, before the construction work required to lift a routine inspection, and should complete inspection records.