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Successful acceptance basket accessories to meet the require

Whether everything has its own characteristics, but they also have their own unique characteristics and superiority. The following accessories basket gave you a product, accessory basket, it is a special basket for their own products, we analyze it to see it.
After the successful installation of the basket, the professional staff of acceptance of the details strictly controlled, if there is a problem, then it must be a deadline for rectification, if correct, then confirm that you can put into use. In addition, we have to check it regularly. Work after a certain time it should be checked regularly, and make a record. Broken wire, loose stocks, bending, etc. to conduct a comprehensive inspection, such as to be scrapped, should be scrapped and replaced. Every two months after the work safety inspection requirements should conduct a comprehensive inspection and check the electromagnetic brake lining wear and cable breakage. Every six months working on the safety lock must conduct a test calibration, such as when the user does not have the conditions to send manufacturers detection calibration. Hoist gear must be replaced after the first three months oil, after a month plus a lubricating oil, lubricating oil change once every six months. Electrical wiring, electrical components and wiring junction must be kept dry and clean, without oil fouling. Safety, routine, periodic inspection and operation process, the problem is found, when worn or abnormal, should stop using them immediately inspected by a professional staff, non-electric basket "sick" to use.