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Safety requirements for hoist

The minimum safety distance material hoist and overhead power line comply with regulatory requirements. Safety stop devices. Cage running in place, the device will stop cage positioning. The device should be able to reliably bear cage weight, working load rated load and haul people and material handling time.
Broken rope protection device. When the basket hanging off the rope or a run-in should be able to reliably and it stops at fixed frame body. Its slide stroke, when the basket is full, shall not exceed 1m.
Floor railing port dock door. Openings at each floor should be set normally closed dock railing door interlock device should be used, when the basket is running in place before opening. Pipe Manufacturing railing can be docked, its strength should be able to withstand 1kN / m horizontal load.
Basket safety door. The feed opening basket should have safety gates. Security doors should be interlocked Opener, elevator door closing on a secure runtime basket spout, preventing material rolled from the basket.
Protective railings shall be provided on both sides of the basket and block feet, block feet height is greater than 0.1m. The spout protective shed. Sheds should be located in the lift frame body inlet above the ground. Its width should be greater than the maximum outer dimensions of the hoist; length should be greater than 3m. The strength of the material should be able to withstand 10kPa uniformly distributed static load. 50mm thick planks may also be set up with double or bamboo fence, bamboo fence and down the layer spacing should be not less than 600mm.
Upper limit stopper. The device should be installed in the basket allow the highest working position promotion. Basket overtravel (measured from the highest position of the basket at the lowest and Tian Liang), not less than 3m, when the limit is reached the height of the basket rises, the stopper act now as to cut off the power supply (refer to reversible winch) or automatic alarm (refer to friction hoist).
EPO switch. Emergency off switch should be located in a position to facilitate the operation of the driver, in case of emergency, should be promptly cut off the hoist total control of power.