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Hoist use management

Hoist safety devices must be managed by hand, according to the provisions debugging check, keep sensitive and reliable, not sick to run. Under normal circumstances, a month after the storm and required tightness on the basis of the frame body fasteners, wire rope, and the degree of wear, wedge brake, all pins, shafts, scroll wheel, all kinds of springs, winch brake and other vulnerable member and key parts and the like column inclination to conduct a comprehensive examination, identify problems and timely maintenance, not to work sick.
Hoist use should be regular maintenance, and meet the following requirements: the driver should use the relevant provisions of the specification, to hoist lubricating parts, oiling lubrication; when maintenance should be all the control switch to the zero position , cut off the main power supply, and hang "DO NOT TURN" sign at the gates of the box, it should be set up special monitoring;
When the elevator is in operation, shall not carry out maintenance, repair, troubleshooting after the shutdown should be performed; when replacement parts, components and material properties must be the same as the original parts, and shall conform to the design and manufacturing standards; maintenance of the main structure of the welding rod and weld quality, should be consistent with the original design requirements;
Repair and maintenance of lifting the top of the machine, should erection Master platform, and should meet the height requirements of the job. Hoist equipment sector should be unified management, and may not hoist frame body managed separately. Transport hoist the components, loading should be leveled to avoid bump ,, Also note the matching of each hoist.